A Train Story

A classic story about trains.

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2014 Moonbeam Awards for Children’s Pictures Book Apps

“This is one of our books. We love this book!”
Levar Burton, Reading Rainbow
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“This is THE favorite read-it-to-me-again-and-again book for our grandchildren....and each of ours has a copy. The art is amazing, colors are delicious and activities let us see something new each time we turn the pages.
An Excellent gift. Sensitively written & easily understood.”

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"That was a good story! Maybe we can read it again at another ‘dark’ time?"
(Dark time is obviously what he calls night time ;-) Aiden R., Children’s Book Expert.
(Thanks Aiden! We couldn’t have picked better representation through those high stressed negotiations. :)

“This is a fun, delightful story that captures the imagination, whether you are 5 or 55. Following the red bird through the beautiful art pages is a bonus for any child or grandmother. The story, art and the mystique of a train is pure magic.”
Arlene Monroe, Onion Creek Salon and Day Spa, Austin, Texas.

“The Universe wants this book made.” Deidra Acord, Capital Printing, Austin, Texas.

“This book was an instant hit with my 4 year old, whom insisted that I read it, not once or twice, but three times the first time we looked at it together. If you have a small child, you know it is difficult to find something to capture their attention in this manner! As an adult, I too enjoyed the story line, as well as the beauty of the artwork. It is a captivating book and one every family with children should have in their collection!”
Sarah Bella, Houston, Texas.

“Perfect kids book. What a great book!” Kyle Sescil, Lubbock, Texas.

My daughter goes nuts for this book. She is 2 year old and has been reading this every night for the last 3 months. She loves the story, the pictures of the different trains, and the special train at the end. It has beautiful illustrations in addition to a great story. I don't know who bought this book for us, but we love it.
ER Bond, Dallas, Texas.